I cannot erase from my heart
sweet memories of you
thy tongue sharp as a dart
my poor heart eschew.

Very funny Scotty. Now beam up my clothes.

Luchey K0 Lafabgey Mein Achi Tarha Mix Karain 00r Us Mein Gazbey Zaiqa Bagarti Dalen
Dak00 K0 Barik Kat Kar Us Mein Achi Tarha Mila Lein Jub Us Mein Kameena Pan Zahir H0 T0 Hraami Masala Dalen Phir Zalaalat Ka Bhagar Dalen 00r Phir BIBI Ka Tarka Lagain
Jb Uski Rangat Kutt0n Jesi H0 T0 Smjh Jaen Key ZARDARI Tyaar Zubaida Appa Ka Zabardast T0tka.

Agr Apkoh Raat Mai Neend Nhi Ati Toh Ankhon Main
Ek Ek Drop Elfi Dal Lain Apkoh Nend B Achi Ayegi
AOr Subh Ankh B Nhi Khulegee
Zubaida Aapa Kay ANdha Dhund Totkay.

R: is for red.
RED: is for blood
BLOOD: is for heart
HEART: is for love
LOVE: is for you
YOU: is for me
ME: is for you.
:: I MISS YOU ::

Mere alfazon ko juth mat samajna,
yaad aati hai bahut jaldi milne ki dua karna,
ji raha tha tumhare naam par mar jau toh bewafa mat

Kisi na kisi pe kisi ko aetbar ho jata hai,
ajnabi koi shaks yaar ho jata hai,
khubiyo se nahi hoti mohabbat bhi sadaa,
khamiyo se bhi aksar pyaar ho jata hai

EveRyDay I seE LoTs oF StRangErS PasSiNg By mE, ThiS mAkeS mE reAlisED tHat, LifE woUlD be BORING, WiThoUt A FriEnD LiKE U...

Flowers die,
Stories End,
Songs Fade,
Memories are forgotten,
All things come to End,
"Precious People" Like "You"
Are always remembered.

May tHe sUn sHiNe, aLL dAy lOnG
EvErYtHiNg gO rIgHt, & nOtHiNg WrOnG
May ThOsE U lOvE BrInG lOvE BaCk tO U
May aLL tHe wIsHes U wIsH CoMe TrUe

Every time I look at you
my heart skips a beat
I wonder if you know, my love,
that my heart is at your feet
I leave it there for you to do
whatever that you wish
You could take my heart,
and love me,
Or just leave me in this bliss.
Happy Valentine Day!

Tujse dosti karne ka hisab na aya,
mere kisi bhi sawal ka jawab na aya,
hum to jagte rahe tere hi khayalo me,
aur tujhe so kar bhi hamara khawab na aya

Born Free. . . . .Taxed to Death.

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said “I do.”
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.
Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!

Zippy & Bungle,went 2 da jungle havin sum marvelous fun, Zippy got silly,popped out his willy & stuck it up Bungles bum!

Zindagi Me 2 Cheeze Bahut Taklif Deti Hai- Ek Wo Jis Se Mohbbat Na Ho Uske Sath jeena......! Ek Wo Jis Se Mohbbat Ho Uske Bagair jeena..

darkness is every ware.
the birds r back there home.
road are quite
every body is sleeping.but i m not
u know y? just wanted 2 say u Good night

May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire, To gladden your hearts And fulfill your every desire.Merry Christmas

You must have
long range goals
to keep you
from being frustrated
by short range failures.

Why don't you see giraffes in elementary school?
Because they're all in HIGH School!

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